Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is situated in the southeast region in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Actually it consists of five blocks.

Park is one of the best places in the world where we can watch Leopards. You can stay until just after dark inside the park, thus maximizing your chances of a leopard encounter. The male leopards in Yala are very confident and are often seen walking the tracks during the day. Young males in particular seem to have no fear of the jeep, which can lead to some excellent photographic opportunities. Being located in one of the arid regions of Sri Lanka, the climate of Ruhuna National Park is usually hot and dry. The area receives its annual rainfall during the north east monsoon from November to January, and unpredictable inter-monsoonal rains in March/April and September. February is a dry month, with the dry season proper commencing in June and lasting until September and sometimes until mid October. Lagoons fringe this part of the coastline, each lined with mangroves and filled with brackish water. The extensive parklands that surround these lagoons offer visitors superb locations for viewing Animals and Bird life. The Menik Ganga is now a seasonal river, since its damming for irrigation purposes higher up, as far back as 1878. There is four other seasonal "aras" or streamlets carrying water during the rainy season. The Park is bounded by the sea. The many bays carve out an intricate mosaic. Unspoilt natural beaches and sand dunes provide a beautiful environment of undulating and shifting sands. This is surely one of the most spectacular seascapes of Sri Lanka. Climate.

Nantures Tours Sri lanka
Nantures Tours Sri lanka
Nantures Tours Sri lanka

Why choose YALA

You Will See

Jeep Safari's
Leopards and elephants
Animals you have never seen before.
Capture the beauty of the coastline with your camera

Beautiful Birds

You will get the cahnace to Interact with wildlife & get the real experiance of it. Nice to see beautiful birds coming in the park.


You will see amazing jungles, beaches, freshwater lakes, rivers inside the area. Ideal to capture as your memories with your camera.


Nantures Tours Sri lanka


The most popular wild life attractions in Sri Lanka consists of Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Sinharaja Rain Forest, Horton Plains, Knuckles Mountain Range and Wasgamuwa National Park. You can go on a safari Jeep tour a hiking trail or a tented safari Camp depending on the nature of the Wild life reserve and your desire. Sri Lanka is most popular for its large population of Elephants and Leopards. Also there are many other interesting species including Sloth Bears, Crocodiles, Different varieties of deer, Monkeys, over four hundred varieties of Birds of which many are indigenous.

Nantures Tours Sri lanka


The Elephant watching is very relaxing and entertaining activity to involve Yala is a filled with jungles and one of the best places in Asia for Elephant watching. Elephant enthusiasts are always left enticed by the view of the Elephant Groups in their natural habitants they get to see in Sri Lanka. There are over 200 members of elephants in some elephant groups lives in Sri Lankan national parks. The world famous national parks like Yala, Wilpathtu , Minneriya , Lahugala and Udawalawa are the perfect places for elephant safari activity. In Sri Lanka you can see the Asian elephants groups in their natural habitats.

Nantures Tours Sri lanka

Animals & Birds Watching

Sri Lanka is a paradise in the Indian Ocean for bird watching. There are over 56 species of birds indigenous to Sri Lanka which can be found in the bird sanctuaries, around rivers, hill country and even in rain forests. Combining migrant birds there are more than 400 different species of birds to be found in the Island. Bird watching can be done as a group activity as well as an individual activity. And most importantly you have to be silent and be patient when waiting to catch a glimpse of a exquisite bird species. The large lakes in the dry zone mostly attract a large number of ducks while the wetlands such as weerawila, kalamatiya and bundala national park are where larger aquatic birds such as stork, heron, egret, spoonbill, pelican, and ibis can be seen. Around mid august a large number of migrant birds arrive in the Island. They are of the species sandpipers, stints, plovers, terns and harriers flying over from North India Siberia, Scandinavia and Western Europe which settle along the lagoons and salterns of the coast areas.

Nantures Tours Sri lanka


Camping is a popular tourist activity in the Island. In fact there are a good number of hotels built close to possible camping sites, which is very convenient for the adventure seeker. The ultimate camping in the jungle experience can be acquired mostly in places such as Sinharaja forest, Kanneliya, Nakiyadeniya and Dadiyagala low land rain forests where you can browse the jungles to discover the most exquisite and unique bio diversity species of Sri Lanka.Also there are organized camping safari's provided by the National parks of Sri Lanka where you can watch wild life in its utmost natural behavior, watch a variety of colorful indigenous and migrant birds, watch different species of butterflies, diverse species of reptiles and closely study about flora and fauna all depending on your need and ability.

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Nantures Tours Sri lanka

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Nantures Tours Sri lanka

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